Are you wondering about the activities that excites Me the most during a scene? Listed below are some of the activities that I LOVE to engage in with My most cherished submissives.

  • Ballbusting – My fantasy about ballbusting is that I believe you’re not worthy of reproducing let alone having balls. Let’s see how far I can ruin you before you tap out.
  • Breeding fantasy – Objectified, humiliated, and used is what I want you to feel; there is no room for control here. Give yourself to Me by fully submitting and letting Me treat you like a beta bitch.
  • Domme Mommy roleplay – An empathetic Mommy with a sadistic twist. Raised in family with powerful women led me to be the strong woman I am today. Mommy knows what’s good for you and you better listen to My every word.
  • Financial domination – Trust is a really big deal here, but don’t think too much about it because either way you’ll be ruined by Me.
  • Foot worship – I adore foot lovers. My favorite type of worship. Lay on the floor and admire Me from underneath Me as I smother your pathetic face with My beautiful soft feet.
  • Piss play – One step closer to being quite literally beneath Me. Teasing you with the ultimate view of Myself as I stand tall above you while you lay on the cold hard floor exposed and helpless.
  • Small penis humiliation – Do you got a small member that can’t satisfy women? That’s My specialty. Naturally I have a pretty sharp tongue that’ll ruin whatever ego you have left.

These are my hard limits – absolute no.

  • No children.
  • No animals (dead or alive).
  • No race play.
  • No playing without a safeword.

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